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Programming language is basically refers to an artificial language designed to build programs easily understood by humans in their language, which once accomplished are transferred to a machine code understandable by the computers. There are lots of programming languages such which can be categorized into assembly languages, machine languages, higher-level languages. Some of the programming language writing assignments on which is difficult for majority of the students includes Ruby/Ruby on Rails, C++, C#, Java, Delphi, Assembly, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications (MS Word, Excel and Access) , Visual C++ Lua, MATLAB, Mathematica, WPF, AJAX, PHP, Java, Adobe Flex, HTML, ASP/, Silverlight, Adobe Flash, Coldfusion, Python, Perl, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, MathCAD, F-script, Assembler, PASCAL, BORLAND DELPHI, OBJECT PASCAL, TURBO PASCAL and many others.


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